Mar - Apr 2018 | Website, University project


KMITL Online Space Reservation System is a project in Web Programming, Information System Analysis and Design and Database Systems classes of 2017

KMITL OSRS is a website that allows KMITL students and staff to request a room reservation online, as opposed to writing down on papers. This shortens the process by a huge means because this new process is intuitive and fast: the user can just find a room, select a time, fill in his reason and it's done.

On an approver's part, he can then view all requests in his managing faculty and choose to approve or decline the requests.

The main business logic server is powered by Scala, while the view part is managed by NodeJS. Two servers send and receive data via GraphQL.


  • Front-end Website Designer
  • Front-end Website Developer


  • Scala
  • NodeJS
  • GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL