Feb - Apr 2017 | Website

TEDxKMITL 2017 – “Living out Loud” – is the first TEDx event in KMITL. I, along with my team, had an opportunity to work on its website. Here, the website is not just a place to present the event, but also a central hub for all major systems such as registration, ticketing and in-event social board.

One of the most talked-about features is the ticketing system. We’ve built the e-ticket system from the ground up. Upon the completion of audience selection, e-tickets are generated from the database containing eligible audiences and then the links are emailed to them. At the registration desk, they can present the QR code on their e-tickets to the webcams on the laptops running our Python program and that’s it.

During the event, we also had a monitor which acted as a social board where any guest could post their status updates onto. It updated in real-time and, well, supported emojis.


  • Front-end Website Designer
  • Front-end Website Developer


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Laravel
  • Python